Basic Backyard Boil is $16.50pp


  • Crawfish
  • Corn & potatoes
  • Cook/Server
  • Crawfish trays/disposable container

Minimum of 100lbs or 30 ppl - estimation of 3lbs per person

We offer a variety of Boils:  Crawfish Boils, Shrimp Boils, Crab Boils

Please allow 24 hours for return contact. When scheduling an event please schedule with 72 to 96 hour advance notice

**Prices may vary based on market value & season

Services & Menu

BBQ PLATES - Minimum 15 PPL

Brisket, Grilled Chicken, Sausage, or Spare Ribs

1 meat/2 sides (your choice of meat)

with baked beans and mustard style potato salad, 

2 meat/2 sides (your choice of 2 meats)

with baked bean and mustard style potato salad

**Sauce, onion slices, pickle slices,

and a slice of bread are included per plate.**

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